Why Did US Government FUND Wuhan Bio Lab Tied To Pandemic ?


Why Did US Government FUND Wuhan Bio Lab Tied To Pandemic  The TRUTH Theyre Not Telling You!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the strange connection between the US government and the Wuhan biolab at the center of many theories as the possible location of the leak that has lead to the global pandemic we're currently facing.
The Wuhan Institute Of Virology got $3.7 million in funding from the United States government for studies on bats in caves in Yunnan (the original of the pandemic according to the mainstream) over the years previous to the pandemic. The illness carried by the bats were found to be 96% similar to what we see spreading worldwide right now.
In this video we break down this absolutely astonishing coincidence as the global economy completely collapses.

Stay tuned as we continue to break down these issues closely!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

- World Alternative Media

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