1967 American Propaganda Documentary


Red Chinese Battle Plan for World Domination
1967  American Propaganda Documentary Against China

Red Chinese Battle Plan is a Cold War-era anti-Chinese propaganda film produced by the United States Department of Defense in 1967. Presented as a documentary film on Chinese history to military servicemen, the propaganda short describes the People's Republic of China as plotting to "conquer and enslave" the world.

Produced five years before the beginning of the United States' rapprochement with Mao Zedong in 1972, Red Chinese Battle Plan was made during the Vietnam War under the Lyndon Johnson administration. Despite the widening rift between the China and the Soviet Union, both powers supported the Vietnamese communists, while the Western Bloc cultivated a myth of Chinese expansionism throughout the decade.

Presented as a documentary on Chinese history, the film mixed Cold War-era anti-communist rhetoric with earlier Western Yellow Peril rhetoric into one, portraying China as seeking to gain control of Africa and Latin America before moving on to capture the United States.

Red Chinese Battle Plan for World Domination | 1967 | American Propaganda Documentary Against China

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