Short Documentary - How To Make A Documentary In One Day


What's the secret to shooting an indie documentary? What's the trick to shooting a micro documentary in 4 hours? What are the best dumplings in New York City? Today we met up with documentary filmmaker and fellow co-host Griffin Hammond to find out!

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Aside from being a host on Indy Mogul, Griffin Hammond is the director and creator of "Sriracha" (2013), an award-winning documentary about the internationally renowned hot sauce that is available on VOD: https://amzn.to/2UlM18g (prime video) and https://apple.co/2G4qqgC (iTunes).

In this episode, we discuss Griffin's experience filming short documentaries about the Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump political campaigns for Bloomberg news during the 2016 Presidential election.

We then put these lessons to action by filming a one day documentary in the heart of New York city's Chinatown. Griffin shows us how to create a story and shoot coverage for unscripted and unplanned documentary filmmaking.

How do you choose a topic to make a documentary? How do you create a story and structure for your film? What are the best dumplings in New York? Tune in and find out!

- Indy Mogul

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